Once upon a time..., Slambo was just doing the playing on his rain drum, it was off course a rainy day , the sun just disappeared, when suddenly, the sky opened, a bright beam flashed down and a roaring thunder appeared. Then there was this voice... Slambo screamed scarfully and Eddie, Tom, Heinz and King rushed in to see what´s going on. “Save the world ! Go out and tell the world: Rock´n´Roll is alive! If you ain´t do that there will be sorrow, pop, hiphop and disco all over the world. But if you believe in my wisdom there will be groupies, gigs and viagra along your way!“ Fear came into the hearts of all . "Lord, we can´t do it! We ´re only human beings!" Than happened something unbelieveable: a flash just hit King and a shining light broke through the clouds. It was so shiny that one could hardly open the eyes. But still there was this unforgotten voice speaking through the doors of Graceland. "My voice will by your side." From this day on they called themselves"Cooligans" and there message is "C´mon everybody, lets party tonight!" Übersetzung folgt ;-)